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Michael Mele
High School Principal



Hello Families and Community Members:


As we all know, Northern Bedford County High School carries a tradition of PRIDE that directs the actions and efforts of our students and faculty.  There is no doubt that we can thank our entire community for their various contributions toward establishing this mindset in our school.  As the new high school principal, I am honored to continue the history of excellence that has preceded me in this building.  I would like to bring our collective attention to the characteristics of exceptional Black Panthers that call on each of our students to be Positive, Respectful, Involved, Dependable, and Excellent not only here within the high school, but throughout all aspects of their lives. 


Being a father, educator, and lifelong learner, I hold myself to a high standard that demonstrates honesty, integrity, and hard work for the children in my life.  I am happy to now include all of the students of NBCSD among this group.  As adults, we must all work to demonstrate a path for kids that will provide them with the skills and knowledge that they need in order to meet their own future goals and to contribute to the goals of their community.


Here at NBCHS we will focus to maintain expectations of high academic achievement, participation in programs beyond the classroom, and respectful observation of the traditions of our families, our neighbors, and the world around us.  We will promote career and college readiness and will uphold our equal appreciation for scholastic and vocational preparation for our students.  I expect every NBC graduate to leave our halls with the training they require to undertake steps toward a greater contribution to the world and a life of fulfillment and reward.


The 2021-22 school year promises an appropriate and healthy return to normalcy for our kids and families.  As partners in the education of our children, I am excited to undertake this vitally important commitment with you all.


Please continue to look to NBC as a center for community and support!




Michael J Mele

High School Principal

Northern Bedford County School District


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