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    School counselors are employed in elementary settings to provide all children with comprehensive and developmental programs that are based on proactive skill development and prevention of problems. We are professional educators with a mental health perspective. Elementary school is a time when students develop attitudes concerning school, self, peers, social groups, and family.  They learn who they are as as friends, as learners, as people. It is a time when they are developing skills such as decision-making, communication, life training skills and character values.  Comprehensive developmental counseling is based on prevention, providing goals that are integrated into all aspects of children's lives. 

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    What counseling is not...

    Please know that school counseling is not able to be long-term therapy. I will work with students experiencing difficulty, but may need to refer the family to outside resources. School counseling does not intend, in any way, to scrutinize or change students' family values or beliefs. School counseling will aim to promote child-parent communication and better problem solving skills for the child. 



    Hello!  I began working at NBCSD starting in December 2017.  I received my Bachelor's Degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in Criminology.  I went on to earn my Master's Degree in School Counseling from Capella University.  My previous work experience includes: Case Coordinator, Behaviaoral Specialist Consultant/Mobile Therapist, and School Counselor.  This is my sixth year as a School Counselor! I look forward to working with the students, staff and community of Northern Bedford.  


    I love my job as a counselor, and think I have the best job! I have the opportunity to get to know all the children in our school as well as the families and the community. I am proud to be a part of the Little Panther family and look forward to working with you to determine the best approach in assisting your children to ensure they are successful both academically & socially.


    Please do not hesitate to call me with any questions or concerns. I can be reached at 766.4774 or by email lelias@nbcsd.org.



    Each student at NBC Elementary will participate in the school guidance and counseling program. School counselors work with students, parents, teachers and administrators to help students succeed in school and prepare for meaningful, productive living. The program is child-center, developmentally appropriate and preventative in nature. It encourages students' development of social/emotional awareness, academic achievement and career awareness. Counseling services are inclusive and respectful of individual and family differences. 
    Elementary School Counselors implement the counseling program by providing the following:
    School Counseling Core Curriculum
    All students in grades K-5 will participate in classroom guidance lessons approximately every other 6-day cycle. These lessons focus on skills that will help students be successful in the areas of academic development, career development, and personal/social development. Classroom lessons are based on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National model and the standards established by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. I incorporate as many games and creative activities as possible to make the learning fun and engaging for students while meeting the goals established by a developmental counseling program at NBC.                                               
            Academic development goal
            Goal setting, decision making, transition plans,
            Strengths/weaknesses, self-understanding
            Study skills/ organization    
            Career development goal
            Career awareness, exploration and planning
            Personal/Social development goal
            Understanding self/others, peer relationships,
                   coping strategies, effective social skills 
            Communication, problem solving, conflict resolution
            Character Education
            Bullying Prevention  and awareness
    Individual Student Planning & Assistance
          Academic planning/support
          Crisis interventions
          Education on self-understanding
          Transition plans
     Responsive Services      counselor
           Conflict Resolution
           Consultation & collaboration with parents, faculty & administration
           Individual/family/school crisis intervention
           Individual and small group counseling
           Referrals to school & community based resources
      System Support
          Consultation, collaboration & teaming
          Program management, operation & outreach, professional development 




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