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    Panthers ROCK


    Panthers ROCK!!! ROCK stands for Recognizing Outstanding Character in Kids!
    This pro-social program emphasizes our focus on the 6 pillars of character and encompasses our bullying prevention efforts. NBC Elementary uses the Olweus program, a research based approach to reducing the incidents of bullying.  
    In addition to the Olweus program, the Panthers ROCK! program supports our monthly Golden Awards & Character Kid of the Month programs, both of which recognize the outstanding character our students display! Each month the Little Panther special areas teachers nominate one class that has shown outstanding character in the focus area of the month with a Golden Award. Mrs. Baney proudly bestows the Golden Paintbrush, Mr. B the Golden Shoe, Mrs. Stuckey the Golden Musical Note, Mrs. Brown the Golden Book and Mr. Over the Golden Mouse. Our evening custodians bestow the coveted Golden Broom awards for the cleanest classroom.

Last Modified on February 5, 2013