• What is happening with Technology at NBC?
    Currently technology changes every day, sometimes faster than we can keep up with it.  However at NBCSD we are trying our best to provide up to date technologies for our students so they can compete with students in the community around them.  There will always be budget constraints that prevent us for updating as often as some would like, but statuses are always improving somewhere.  As technology improves, it is our job as educators to improve our know-how as well so we can meet the ever changing needs of our students.


    • All teachers have their own teacher computer; some still are desktops, but the majority have laptops that can be taken home with them anytime of the year
    • All teachers are the "administrator" on their machine, meaning they can install, update, and uninstall software as needed


    • Classrooms, grades 1-5, all have mounted interactive white boards for student and teacher use in the classroom
    • Classrooms have 4-6 computers for student use
    • Intermediate wing - has one computer cart with at least 24 computers, that is shared among grades 3-5
    • Primary wing has a computer cart with at least 24 computers, shared between grades 1-2
    • Library has 10 computers available for student use during library class or when the technology coach is available to monitor students for classroom projects
    • Computer lab is available from 11-12:30pm for classroom teachers to use for whole group activities

    Future Hopes:

    • Increase the number of computer carts in the intermediate wing so that there would be one cart for each grade level to share.

    Middle School

    • Classrooms have LCD projectors mounted from the ceilings, some classrooms also have interactive white boards
    • Grades 7-8 share 5 computer carts that are stationed in various classrooms
    • Grade 6 shares one computer cart that is stationed in one of the central classrooms of the 6th grade wing

    Future Hopes:

    • Move grade 6-8 to a 1:1 environment during the school day; this means each student in grades 6-8 would have access to a computer all day during the school year, but not take them home

    High School

    • All students in grades 9-12 have a netbook that is issued to them in August and they keep with them until the end of May; this netbook is used daily in their classes and goes home with them at night to complete classwork
    • One computer lab is still in use for some of the business classes
    • The technical building also has several desktop computers available for student use