• Classroom Library
    Library 1  
     Our classroom library is a comfy little corner in our room that is organized for the students to easily find books that are both interesting to them and on their own reading level. I want my students to enjoy reading, so I feel it is important to have a classroom library that is inviting and student friendly. 
    Library 2  
    The books are organized into colored baskets and labeled by their genre or topic. 
    The students are taught that the color of the basket has a meaning. For example, all books in red baskets are fiction picture books, and all of the blue baskets contain chapter books that are in a series. 
    Do you see a book you like? Many of my students love to read Diary of a Wimpy Kid. 
    When the students find a book that they are interested in, they flip it over to check on the label. Each book in my library has been leveled according to the Accelerated Reader Program that the students participate in. (Click on the Accelerated Reader link to learn more about it.) They are looking for the book level (BL) to make sure it is within their independent reading level.  They can also find out how many points it is worth towards their Accelerated Reader goal. 
    library 6  
    When the student has found a book they want, they use their clothespin to mark the basket they took the book from. (Each student in my room is assigned a number in my class for reasons like this. I use their student numbers on their clothespins instead of their name, so I can use them again next year.) When they are done with the book, they locate the basket their clothespin is on and put it back. The clothespin works well for us as a reminder where we got the book from, because students tend to forget.
    library7     Library8
    Uh oh! What happens if their clothespin falls off the basket, and they can't remember where their book belongs? Not a problem. I typed up a Library Log for them to refer to. The log lists the title, author, basket location, and AR level of the book. Students have also found this to be handy if they want to see if I have a specific book they want to read.  
    A big thanks to Beth Newingham for her book basket labels and library inspiration! 
Last Modified on August 25, 2014