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    • NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION ON THE WEB!! That includes your name, your address or the area in which you live, phone number, school name, etc.
    • NEVER CLICK ON POP-UPS!! Ask an adult for help!!
    This website has information on bullying prevention for
    students and parents. The site is sponsored by the US Department of Health and has loads of games and webisodes.
    This website has good information on bullying prevention. There is a good section on how to handle bullying.

    PACER kids against bullyingpower of a friend

    Excellent, interactive webpage designed specifically
    for kids who want to take a stand against the
    mistreatment of other kids!

    This super fun interactive website gives students great tips for cyber safety.
     Antibullying Network anti-bullying network

    This website is suitable for 5th grade and up. 
    The website gives advice on handling bullying.
    Be a true explorer with 42eXplore! This is a thematic site used to explore the concept of bullying in all different ways. 

     Kids Against Bullying   Pacer Kids Against Bullying includes games, contests, puzzles and facts organized in a creative, innovative, and educational way to help you spot bullying, respond to it and even prevent it!

     Out on a LimbOut on a Limb
    An interactive guide for kids to conflict resolution, problem solving & bullying prevention.