• pic of sunflower SUMMER PRACTICE

    Here are some ideas you can use with your child to help them maintain the skills that are needed to be sucessful in first grade.The most important thing your child can do over the summer vacation is read.  They can read books and magazines as well as cereal boxes etc. Please give your child many opportunities to read to someone or themselves. 

    Writing is important as well.  Encourage your child to write often.  Some examples may be: grocery lists, shopping lists, letters to family members, letters to classmates, party invitations, nameplates for picnics, or short stories. 

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    The following websites: PBSkids.org and Starfall.com are good for practicing the reading and writing skills that were covered in kindergarten.   Doing these things will maintain the confidence your child has gained and continue their love for reading and writing. 

    I truly appreciate your support at home and thank you for being involved in you child's education. 

    Have a safe and wonderful summer! 
    Mrs. Kim Clark  
Last Modified on August 28, 2017