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    January 2013

    Golden Book Award: Mrs. Brown would like to nominate Mrs. Baur's 4th graders for the Golden Book award for Respect. These respect rock stars are always quiet when the enter the library. They sit quietly and are ready to start class without needing reminders. They respect the teacher and each other. They make sure materials are put away correctly before they leave. They are respectful of others using the library & are quiet so they don't bother others. We are ery proud of Mrs. Baur's class and the respect they show in the library!
    Golden Mouse Award: The Golden Mouse award goes to Mrs. Weyandt & Mrs. D's fifth graders. Mr. Over has seen many examples of respectful behavior toward tearchers, other students and the school rules. When 5B is at computer class, they follow the classroom rules, work on their assignments & work without disturbing others. 5B shows respect for teachers and other students at lunch by talking more quietly when asked ot make less noise. Congratulations, 5B!!
    Golden Shoe Award: Mr. B has been scoping out the classes to find the Golden Shoe nomination. After much consideration, he has selected Mrs. Wright's fourth graders! Respect is very important during PE and is is sometimes very hard to be strong in your character during competitive games. Mrs. Wright's fourth graders respect one another and the materials. These students show respect to one another when selecting the team goalie during hockey. They show respect for our school resources by putting the equipment away carefully so it is ready for the next class. Way to go 4D!!
    Golden Note Award: Mrs. Stuckey would like to nominate Mrs. Weyandt's/Mrs. D's fifth graders for showing respect during music class. They are good at showing respect to each other, their teachers and school property. First of all, when they enter the music room, they come in quietly and show immediate respect for Mrs. Stuckey when she begins the music lesson. They also were courteous to each others when assigned partners at the keyboards. Finally, when class is finished, they show respect for school property by putting away music and headphones carefully and as directed. Congratulations 5B!!!

    Golden Paintbrush Award: Mrs. Baney would like to nomiate Mrs. Brockus's 1st graders for the Golden Paintbrush award. Mrs. Brockus's class shows respec to Mrs. Baney by doing what she asks. They work quietly, do their best and clean up when it is time. They also use manners when talking to the teacher & each other. They are polite, kind and helpful to each other. Art class is always a wonderful place to be when Mrs. Brockus's students are around. Whooo hooo!
    Golden Broom Awards for neat and orderly classrooms are selected by our custodians. This month they are going to Ms. Clark's Pre-kindergarten class and Mrs. Carter's 5th grade class.

    YOU ROCK!!!
    Character Kids of the Month for displaying outstanding Respect in the month of January:

    January 2013

    Austin, Travis, Luke, Kain, Emma & Aylisa
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