• NBCVA Moodle Screenshot Online Virtual Academy - a.k.a. Moodle

    The NBC Virtual Academy uses Moodle as their chosen open-source learning management system (LMS).  This platform allows the district to own, manage/maintain, and operate the virtual academy for both in house/face to face classrooms as well as students completing tasks virtually from outside locations.  
    The Moodle LMS allows all users to be assigned individual usernames and passwords to personalize their use within the system.  Once log in to Moodle, the user will be taken to their "My Home" screen, which will display the specific courses in which they are enrolled.  Students and teachers then choose the course they wish to work in and begin their desired activities.
    Using this LMS, teachers are able to build online learning activities that allow students the opportunity to communicate, collaborate, and create meaningful learning experiences with each other.  Meaningful learning experiences increase student engagement and deeper levels of learning.  All courses within the virtual academy/Moodle system have been designed and constructed by highly qualified teachers according to the PA Common Core Standards meeting the requirements of both the Keystone Exams and the PSSA assessments.

    Become a Virtual Academy Student

    Use the videos below to gain an inside look into some of the courses available in the NBC Virtual Academy.  The videos will show some learning objectives that are presented to students enrolled in that specific course.  Prospective students will be able to see different types of activities they would be expected to complete if they were actually enrolled in the virtual academy.
    Please note: The videos above require a current flash player and possibly a current shock wave player.  Also, depending on your chosen internet browser the videos may load quickly or they may take 3-5 minutes to load due to their size, please be patient.  Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers seem to load the videos quickly however Internet Explorer seems to take a longer amount of time.