• National Honor Society -- Selection Process Information
    The NBCSD Chapter of the National Honor Society is made up of students who excel in four "pillars" or areas:  Scholarship, Character, Service, and Leadership.  If you recently received an Student Activity packet for the NHS, CONGRATULATIONS!  You may not realize it, but you have already met the requirements for the first two pillars:  Scholarship and Character. 
    All NHS candidates must initially earn (and subsequently maintain) a minimum 94% GPA to be considered for membership.  A list of names of students who have met this first requirement is then distributed to the NBCHS faculty, who evaluates the students' character traits (based on NHS guidelines).  This is Step 2 of the selection process.
    You are now at Step 3 of the selection process:  filling out the Student Activity Form and submitting an essay about why you feel you meet the qualities required of all NHS members (see prompt on letter you received).  You are required to complete this form/essay if you would like to pursue membership in the NHS.  As stated on the form, COMPLETION OF THE FORM DOES NOT GUARANTEE ADMISSION INTO THE NHS.  Your completed form/essay will be evaluated by the 5-member NHS Faculty Council, using the NHS Constitution and Membership Requirements, to determine if your experiences to date meet the final two pillars of the NHS:  Service and Leadership.
    Hints for filling out this form and writing the essay (also mentioned on the form itself):  
    1. DO NOT BE MODEST.  The Faculty Council is trying to determine if you have made sufficient efforts to serve others and/or demonstrate leadership in recent years, so it is important to help them understand what you've done to date. They will be evaluating you based on what you put on this form and in your essay (much like in a resume/job application), not what they may already know of you personally.
    2. COMPLETE ALL SECTIONS THOROUGHLY.  Make sure you include all of the information a section asks for, including names/contact information for a person who can validate the time you've spent in this activity.  Pay attention to the instructions in each section, as students often overlook this and forget to include information.  Again, YOU ARE BEING EVALUATED ON WHAT YOU PUT ON THE APPLICATION/ESSAY, and if something is not included, you will more than likely be disqualified from being offered a formal invitation to the NHS for this school year.  
    3. SIGN THE FORM AT THE END.  If you forget to sign the form, your application will not be considered complete and will not be considered for candidacy.  
    4. BE NEAT.  If the Faculty Council cannot read it, it will not be considered for candidacy.  If you need additional space, please attach additional pages as needed, but make sure the Faculty Council can understand which section it belongs to (ex: Section II, III, IV, or V).  If you'd like to download the form to type it completely (see link above for Student Activity Form), you may do that as well.
    5. MEET THE DEADLINE.  All applications are due to Mrs. Swanseen, NHS Adviser, by the deadline noted on the application. Copies of the applications will be distributed to the NHS Faculty Council by the end of that same day, so late applications will not be accepted.  If we happen to have a snow day on the deadline, this deadline will shift to the end of homeroom on the next day we are in session.
    The NHS Faculty Council will meet in September or early October to vote on which candidates sufficiently meet all of the four pillars of the NHS, as based on the information provided in each students' applications/essays.  After that decision has been made, one of two things will happen:
    1.  Qualified candidates will be offered an official invitation of membership.  New members will officially be inducted into the NHS during a banquet/ceremony in the fall.  Additional details about this program will be provided with a candidate's membership invitation.
    2.  Any student who is not offered admission this year will be provided feedback on what areas/activities need to be strengthened.  If a student maintains the 94% GPA and character requirements into the next school year, they will be invited to reapply during the next selection process.
    Any student or parent who has questions about this selection process or any of the required paperwork can contact Mrs. Swanseen in the guidance office via email at eswanseen@nbcsd.org or by phone (766-4754).  
Last Modified on October 4, 2019