• Gifted Screening and Evaluation Process



    Referrals can be made by a parent/guardian, a teacher, an administrator or any other adult that has a legitimate educational interest in a student. Individual referrals can be submitted to the building principal, special education supervisor, or school psychologist at any time during the school year. 

    Parents may request a formal gifted evaluation at any time; however, evaluations are limited to one per school year.

    If a referral is made by someone other than the parent, the parent is notified prior to any pre-evaluation screenings.  Parental permission is not required to conduct pre-evaluation screenings; however, if a parent does not want their child to participate in the screening process, the district will not continue with the process. If a child advances through all pre-evaluation screenings, the school district will contact the parent to gain permission to evaluate for a formal evaluation.   

    School District Screenings Yearly (K-8)

    The Northern Bedford County School District conducts gifted screenings for all students in grades k-8 in the fall of each school year. 


    Process of Pre-evaluation Screenings

    ·        Level 1

    Multiple Criteria: group achievement test scores (ie.PSSA), report card review, student products, portfolios, performance indicators (Acadience testing/Star Reading), checklists, questionnaires, standardized testing scores, curriculum based assessments


    ·        Level 2

    SAGES-2 testing- Multiple criteria: Parent rating scales, teacher rating scales, classroom observations. Any student scoring 120 or higher may continue to level 3 of the screening process


    ·        Level 3

    K-BIT testing-Any student scoring 120 or higher may continue in the process for a formal evaluation.


    ·        Level 4

    Parents are contacted and informed of the outcome of their child’s pre-evaluation screening. A permission to evaluate is issued.  The Gifted Multidisciplinary Team will complete the evaluation within the timelines in Chapter 16 regulations.   

Last Modified on September 22, 2020