• Gifted Individual Education Plan Process

    ·         The Northern Bedford County School District will develop a Gifted Individual Education Plan (GIEP) for a student found eligible through the GMDE. The student must meet eligibility criteria for identification as mentally gifted and be in need of specially designed instruction.

    ·         The GIEP team will be comprised of the student’s parents, the student, a regular education teacher, a gifted education teacher, a district representative, and other individuals at the discretion of the parent and district.

    ·         GIEP team members will be sent an invitation to participate in the GIEP meeting.  The parents will receive an invitation as well as another copy of the Procedural Safeguards Notice.  The invitation will state the purpose, time, and location of the meeting and the names of the persons expected to attend.

    ·         The GIEP should be based upon the Gifted Written Report (GWR).  The GIEP will contain the student’s present levels of educational performance, annual goals and short-term learning outcomes which address the needs identified in the GWR, specially designed instruction, support services, projected dates for initiation, anticipated frequency, location, procedures and timelines.

    ·         The Northern Bedford County School District will provide the parent with a copy of the GEIP along with a Notice of Recommended Assignment (NORA).

    ·         The Northern Bedford County School District’s gifted education teacher will notify regular education teachers who work with a student who has been identified as gifted and in need of specially designed instruction of their responsibilities under the student’s GIEP. 

Last Modified on September 11, 2018