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    School Issued Computer Policy


    The Northern Bedford County School District (NBCSD) is pleased to offer students in grades 9-12, access to technology resources for schoolwork and enrichment activities 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. The purpose of NBCSD’s 1:1 program is to provide additional educational resources and communication methods for students and teachers. These resources will help teachers facilitate education and research consistent with the objectives of NBCSD.

    Netbook Care

    Netbooks are to be used for school related purposes both during and after school.  Students are responsible for their own netbook, power cord and case and proper care must be exhibited at all times.  During the school day and after school activities, netbooks must be properly stored and secured in safe locations.  Lost, damaged, or stolen netbooks and/or accessories should be reported to administration at once.  

    Technical Assistance

    Accidental damage and/or technical problems will be addressed by the NBC HS Technology Department.  Students needing assistance should visit Mrs. Dilling’s office between rooms 127 – Mr. Gable and 129 – Mr. Barton.  She is available during the day on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; for assistance outside this time period, please send an email if possible to bdilling@nbcsd.org or ask a teacher to send an email on your behalf.  A pass is required when visiting Mrs. Dilling’s office during class time.

    Programs & Software

    Each student netbook is pre-loaded with district approved programs and software.  No other programs may be installed on student netbooks without permission from the NBC Technology Department.  This includes the installation of printer drivers so students will not be able to directly print from their netbook.  They can however open a document on a home computer in order to print or email that document to their teacher for submission rather than printing.


    Each student netbook accesses the district filtering software when they are on campus.  However, no filtering program can completely eliminate all inappropriate content.  Parents are important partners with the school in promoting responsible and safe use of technology.  Resources to assist parents can be found under internet safety in the parent portal.

    Distribution Procedures

    Again, distribution procedures have been streamlined from past years.  Students can begin to pick up their computer during the full week preceding the start of the new school year.  Families with siblings can send an email request to Mrs. Dilling at the beginning of August, requesting permission for multiple family members to pick up netbooks on the same day.  Students must bring with them their storage case in order to pick up their netbook and charger for the upcoming school year.  All freshman and any new student, must have a signed 1:1 School Issued Netbook agreement signed by both the parent and the student when picking up their netbook.   

    Collection Procedures

    Netbooks and chargers will be collected from students at the conclusion of the school year approximately two weeks before the school year is over.  Students will keep their case and bring it back with them in the fall.   Any damage to the netbook or charger discovered at this time will result in a bill being issued to the student.

    School issued netbooks provide each student with a powerful tool to improve learning, advance student achievement and strengthen real world skills.  Our teachers continue to explore ways “anytime, anywhere” computing can enhance students’ school experiences and we look forward to another year of 1:1 Learning at Northern Bedford County High School!

    Should you have further questions about student netbooks, please contact Mrs. Dilling, NBCSD Technology Coach at (814) 766-4730 or Mr. Williams, NBCSD Technology Administrator at (814) 766-4720.