Specific Contact Information

Calling the School   

Parents are encouraged to call the school when you have a question or concern.  When you call the school, please be sure to listen to the prompts. You will be able to dial directly if you know your partys four digit extension; 1 for the attendant in the High School Office, 2 for the attendant in the Middle School, 3 for the attendant in the Elementary School or 5 for the attendant in the District Office.  If you do not know your party's four digit extension number a directory look up is available by pressing (*) key on your telephone.  If you do not have a touch tone system, by staying on the line, you will be connected to the first available attendant who can transfer your call. 

An anonymous call rejection feature has been added to the phone system for the safety of the students and staff.  If you have Private or blocked calls added to your phone setup in your homes, you will need to enter the feature noted in the front of your phonebook prior to calling the school to enable your call to be accepted by the schools phone system.  This code enablement is different depending on your exchange.

Parents and community members may dial the school number to receive information on school cancellations and delays and athletic events cancellations.  Call the school and press 9 for Cancellations and Delays.  Then  press 1 for school delays and cancellations or press 2 for athletic events cancellations.  This information will be posted on the phone system as soon as possible after a decision is made to cancel/delay school and/or cancel an athletic event.

Voice mail is available for teachers and staff district wide. The teacher voice mail will be 4 + their classroom number.

Also, if you are in the 928 or 652 exchange lines, the 800 number for the school district is 800-303-7125.  If you are in the 928 or 652 exchange areas, please use this number to contact the school.  This number will only work when calling from those exchanges.

A brief listing of the administrative extensions are listed below for your convenience:

High School

Tina Detterline, HS Principals Secretary
ext. 4738
Teresa Crawford, MS/HS Guidance
ext. 4734
Emily Swanseen,  MS/HS Guidance
ext. 4754
Michael O'Dellick, High School  Principal
ext. 4740
Starla Snyder, RN, School Nurse
ext. 4716

Middle School

Lisa Hann, MS Principal Secretary
ext. 4760
Wayne Sherlock, Middle School Principal
ext. 4760

Elementary School

Stacy Pressel, Principals Secretary
ext. 4780
Trevor Replogle, Elementary Principal
ext. 4780
Amy Muldoon, Guidance Counselor
ext. 4774
Kim Samuel, School Nurse
ext. 4786

Superintendents/Business Office

Todd Beatty, Superintendent ext. 4702
Teri Biddle, Business Manager ext. 4706
Sandy Michaels-Riffe, Executive Secretary ext. 4702
Lindsay Cherry, Special Education Supervisor ext. 4718   
Jennie Miller, Food Service Director
ext. 4712
Larry Williams, Technology Coordinator
ext. 4720
Tina Snowberger, Student Activity and Athletic Accounting
ext. 4710
Last Modified on September 1, 2016
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