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    To access the grade portals simply link below and enter your username and password; or follow the help guides at the bottom of this page to create an account on the parent portal. 
    Please note - parents must have a valid, working email address on file with the school's student information system, in order to create an account. 


    Middle School and High School Grading



    Honor roll is achieved by attaining a grade point average for the marking period of 90 or higher. High Honors signify a grade point average of 94 or higher. Students who earn “I”’s or failures will not be recognized as part of the Honor Roll or High Honors.


    Along with the Honor Roll and High Honor Roll, the school recognizes students for improvement in achievement. Students who have not qualified for either Honor Roll or High Honors and have improved a minimum of three (3) points in Grade Point Average from the most recent marking period and have no "I"'s or failures will be recognized as being part of the Achievement Roll.


    Numeric Scale  Letter Scale Special Scale used in the MS
    Superior  94-100
    Above Average  87-93
    Average  78-86
    Danger  70-77
    Failing  Below 70
    S = Passing on Effort
    I = Incomplete
    P = Passing
    F = Failing
    E = Excellent
    M = Meets Expectations
    NI = Needs Improvement

    Attention Parents:

    If you do not have an account on the Parent Portal, you will need your student's ID number in order to create the username and password.  You will also need to have a valid email address on file with the school's student management system.  Once your new account is made, you will be able to add additional students should that be necessary. 
    After setting up an account, parents can create accounts for students.  The staff at NBCSD cannot set this up for parents; however we can issue generic usernames and passwords for students if it is needed.  The account information can be reset in the event that you misplace your information.