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Thank you for visiting our site today.  Even though we are trying to provide you with easy access to a lot of information, you may still have questions and would like to speak with a "live" person.  We welcome and encourage your questions and contact with us.  Please use the information below to help direct your calls or email if desired.  Thank you.

District Office: Mr. Todd Beatty, Superintendent

Contact: Sandy Michaels-Riffe

152 NBC Drive, Loysburg, PA 16659

(814) 766-4702, phone

(814) 766-3772, fax

High School: Mr. Michael O'Dellick, Principal

Contact: Tina Detterline

152 NBC Drive, Loysburg, PA 16659

(814) 766-4740, phone

(814) 766-3772, fax

Middle School: Mr. Wayne Sherlock, Principal

Contact: Lisa Hann

152 NBC Drive, Loysburg, PA 16659

(814) 766-4760, phone

(814) 766-3772, fax

Elementary School: Mr. Trevor Replogle, Principal

Contact: Stacy Pressel

217 NBC Drive, Loysburg, PA 16659

(814) 766-4780, phone

(814) 766-2232, fax

Special Education: Mrs. Lindsay Cherry, Special Education Supervisor

Contact: Cathy Cottle

152 NBC Drive, Loysburg, PA 16659

(814) 766-4736, phone

(814) 766-3772, fax

Last Modified on September 1, 2016
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