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    American history II

    Course syllabus

    Instructor: Mr.  England

    Course Description:  Students will be exposed to history from the mid 1800’s to the early 1900’s.  We will delve into many of the events from this time period as well as other important events such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks that have shaped our nation.  Students will be involved in many different projects throughout the year; some of these may include art, research, writing,map study, and communication in the classroom. Some projects will be completed individually, while others will involve working in groups.  The history of this great country is fascinating, and I want students to be curious and enjoy learning about it.

    Classroom Rules and Expectations: 
    1.  Be on time.  Students are required to be in their seats when the bell rings.  If a student is late he or she must present a pass.

    2.  Be prepared for class.  Students are expected to bring all materials needed for class.  These may include pen or pencil, textbook, *three-ring binder, organizer, and homework or projects due.    *STUDENTS WILL NEED A THREE RING BINDER FOR CLASS.  If this request is a problem please let me know and together we will work to resolve it.

    3.  Be organized.   Assignments should always be recorded in the school provided organizer.  All papers returned, as well as notes worksheets, and bell ringer sheets should be kept in a three-ring binder.  Students should keep track of long-term assignments and should work on them at a pace to meet the due date.  Please do not try to finish a week-long project in one day.   Organization makes things easier for the students, parents, and the teacher.

    4.  Berespectful. Students are expected to be quiet after the bell rings to start class.  Students also must be quiet and listen attentively while others are speaking. Everyone will get a chance to make their point.  Students must also respect the property and space of other students in the room.

    5.  Be positive.  Students will help to create an atmosphere conducive for learning. In doing this students will stay on task, participate in class, work as a team on projects, and prepare for exams. I will do what I can to facilitate student success, but students also must bear some of the responsibility as well.

    Homework Policy:
    1.  Homework assignments will be posted on the chalkboard.  It is the student's responsibility to copy them down.

    2.  Students are expected to complete all assignments by the date due.

    3.  Please do your best work.  I ask students to approach each assignment as if it were graded.  All homework assignments will have an impact on your grade.

    4.  If you are having trouble with an assignment,please stop and see me.  I will do what I can to help you.  I will be in my room during homeroom period in the morning and during 10th period study hall.

    Missed Class: 
    1.  If the student misses a class it is his or her responsibility to see me and make arrangements to make-up missed work.  This must be done by the end of the day if they missed my class only.
    If they missed part or all of the day they must see me during homeroom the very next day they attend school.

    2.  Students may check my web page for homework assignments. Homework hotline has been phased out.  If you do not have internet access in your home please call me at 766-2221 extension 4221 to get the assignment or call a classmate to get the necessary information.

    3.  I will send homework assignments home with a sibling or neighbor as long as prior arrangements have been made.

    4.  Students will be given as many days as they missed to do the make-up work. Extensions are under my discretion and will be allowed with my approval.  Students may need to make-up a test earlier if we are at the end of a marking period.

    Grading Policy:
    1.  Grades will be reported every nine weeks.  A student’s grade will be composed of all assignments and activities throughout the nine week marking period.  Grade composition includes homework, quizzes, tests, projects, in-class work, and class participation.

    2.  Grades will be determined by a points system.  Rubrics will be given to students prior to each project.  Students are encouraged to follow them closely.

    3.  Students are encouraged to keep track of their grade throughout the marking period. If a student would like to see his or her grade I will accommodate their request whenever I can.  If I notice a student struggling with a particular task, I will do what I can to help them accomplish the assigned task.  Along the same lines,  students should never be afraid or embarrassed to reach out for help if they need it.  I will do whatever I can to meet the needs of all students.

    4.  Students are encouraged to turn in assignments on time.  Work turned in late will result in the deduction of points for each day it is late.

    5.  Cheating will in no way be tolerated.  If a student is caught cheating they will receive a zero for the work on the first offense.   This also includes copied home work!  It is very important for students to do their own work.

    Teacher Contact Information:

    E-mail:  tengland@nbcsd.org

    Phone:  814-766-2221 ext. 4221

    If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child please feel free to contact me here at school.   I am in my room during homeroom period and at the very end of the school day.  I can be reached via e-mail, mail, or phone.

Last Modified on September 15, 2015