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    Tax Office

    Starting in 2012, Keystone Collection Group will be the collector of Earned Income and Local Services Tax for the school district.
    The Earned Income Tax (EIT) reconciliation forms are being mailed from Keystone February 4, 2013.  Please allow 7-10 days to receive this form.  In the meantime the form is available online at www.keystonecollects.com and selecting Taxpayer Resources, then on the left hand side, select Download Forms, you can find an earned income tax return for 2012.  You may also file online directly, but you will need your account number from the mailing that is coming out to complete the process.
    The Occupational Flat tax reconciliation form will be mailed and a date is not known for when this will be mailed.
    See a recent NBC News Bulletin article for more details.  Please click here.
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